How Diatomaceous Earth and Silica Can Help You

Throughout the centuries, mankind has often searched for sources of longevity and even immortality with few real results. A clear understanding of how the human body restores itself and fights off disease, bacteria, and toxins has improved the situation but many people still do not feel as good as they could. Just what is the secret to staying healthy and vital regardless of age?

Much like a building, our body is constructed of various interconnecting tissues, supporting structures, and defensive systems. The quality of the materials we give our body’s building system make all the difference in a strong, healthy, age-defying state and a weakened, atrophied one.

How do you deliver the needed materials to your body on a consistent and regular basis? In part, a healthy diet and exercise do wonders to bolster our body’s defenses, but it takes more than this to make sure our body absorbs the important nutrients and minerals that we supply it. That’s where important natural compound called Silica found in diatomaceous earth comes into play.

Silica – Basic Building Block of Body Tissue

Silica is found in both diatomaceous earth and also Orthosilicic acid. It is one of the basic integral components in all body tissue. When delivered properly, our enterprising internal repair system puts extra Silica to work to proactively repair tissue, bone, hair, and skin to a more youthful state.

SilaPure Silica Powder is the most natural Silica supplement available. Containing both diatomaceous earth and Orthosilicic acid compounds, it is the perfect mix to deliver Silica to your system in the form of an odorless and flavorless powder which you can mix with your favorite drink. Just what are some of the amazing health benefits of a regular dose of Silica?

Silica Delivers Real Benefits

Silica works at a cellular level to fortify the body tissues that affect our immune system, muscles, bones, and organs. Silica helps regulate conditions that lead to high blood pressure, weak bones, and join pain. Silica also acts as a natural detoxifier. It keeps our immune system functioning at an optimal level and helps our body make full use of other important vitamins we take in through food and supplements. This optimization of absorption is one of the most important factors that make Silica an important addition to any health program.

Externally, Silica users will notice their hair becomes shinier, their nails stronger, their skin younger and clearer. Silica even fortifies our bones and our teeth. Stronger teeth mean we are less prone to cavities and other oral infections. Some take Silica simply for these anti-aging properties, but their entire body profits from Silica’s amazing powers.

SilaPure’s Silica Powder is the best way to take advantage of this amazing mineral today. Mankind may never find a fountain of youth or achieve immortality, but Silica can help us live our lives to the fullest. Get started with Silica supplements today!

Would you like to improve the appearance of your skin, hair and nails?

It just makes sense that the second most abundant mineral in earth, its important to the health of the human body! Silica its the second most abundant element on earth and  also the main nutrient that makes up connective tissues, and found in every organ of our body.

Good nutrition plays a role in the way our body  feels, it determine how we feel in the inside and how we look in the outside. Te secret to good health is hidden in the information that vitamins and minerals will bring to our body.  Vitamins and mineral can directly influence the functioning oft the organs and blood vessels, waste removal and cell regeneration.

Silica its essential as it promotes healthy bone growth and connective tissue. Silica its found in very organ and cell of the body, and found the most in  blood vessels, connective tissues, hair and skin. Silica its an amazing nutrient that will help you develop your body structure.