Growing Healthier, Shinier Hair with Silica

Maintaining healthy, shiny hair is every woman’s glory. There is something about having beautiful hair that makes people want to compliment you and inquire about your methods of maintaining such healthy hair. Having healthy full head of hair makes a woman feel extra confident and attractive. However, many women experience problems with their hair that cause them to look unkempt. Some women may have greasy hair, gray hair, split ends, and thinning spots. Although this is all a part of getting older, there is a reason why these things happen. The reason is that your hair follicles are not getting enough nutrients. Hair follicles require melanin to keep the pigment of your hair color intact. Hair follicles also require an adequate amount of oxygenated blood to promote the growth of healthy, shinier hair. To combat the effects of aging on your hair, you need to supplement your diet with a product that is designed to give you healthier hair. One of the best natural elements in the world that can help you achieve your desired results is silica.

Nowadays, silica is gaining a lot of attention from a number of pharmaceutical companies due to its profound benefits in the human body. In fact, many manufacturers of hair growth supplements headline silica as their main ingredient. Silica is considered to be the second most abundant element in the world. It primarily works to improve the health of bones, skins, tendons, finger nails, joint cartilage, and hair. When silica is taken regularly, the scalp is prevented from becoming weakened. A strong and nourished scalp is necessary for having strong, resilient hair. Silica basically increases blood circulation in the body to bring nutrients to the scalp in order nourish the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. Silica also works to strengthen each strand of hair so that your hair does not end up being weak and brittle with split ends. If you’re one of the people who brush their hair and end up with a big ball of hair in their hairbrush, you probably have a silica deficiency.

It has been said that regular intake of natural silica for three to four months can relatively increase hair thickness. It basically speeds up hair growth. Result of the studies revealed that women who took silica had developed strong, elastic hair that resulted in thicker, longer hair growth. A deficiency of silica in the body can lead to alopecia, which is commonly known as hair thinning. Hair thinning is one of the most common problems of men and women today. With an adequate level of silica in the body, one can expect hair that is thicker, longer, stronger, and shinier.


Silica For Hair

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